The holidays are almost over!

The Holidays are Almost Over!

The holidays are almost over! With only a couple days until the New Year we are in the home stretch. The holidays can be such a fun, magical, joyous, kind of super stressful time. Traveling to see family, holiday parties, having houseguests, indulging in large quantities of yummy, delicious foods filled with refined sugar that we don't usually eat.

After traveling on airplanes, shaking hands, exchanging hugs and kisses, snuggling with adorable snotty little cousins (nieces, nephews, grandbabies), we may find ourselves coughing, sneezing, fluey and hiding under the covers waiting for the sweet kiss of death (just kidding, kind of).

Also, this time of year it seems like every other person you meet is suffering from a self-diagnosed sinus infection, sore throat or a viral cough that needs special-snowflake antibiotics from the local urgent care. That's not to say that some ailments caused by bacteria don't require treatment with antibiotics (hello, post-partum bacterial pneumonia 2013). Antimicrobials are a lifesaving godsend that has changed the face of modern medicine and saved countless lives.

That being said, according to the CDC Americans are over-using antibiotics to the tune of 47 MILLION unnecessary prescriptions per year, and 70% of the antimicrobials prescribed in 2015 to people ages 20-64 for respiratory conditions were unnecessary. Same story for the majority of ear infections.

Rather than risk an antibiotic-associated C. diff infection and contribute to the growing trend of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, try holistic remedies. Take a couple of days off work or school (if you can), try elderberry, vitamin C, garlic, hot showers, green tea, chicken soup and rest. You won't get better any faster taking an unnecessary antibiotic and may do permanent damage to your immune system by killing off much of your native gut flora

And remember if you do need to take a necessary probiotic make sure to pair it with a high-quality probiotic spaced three-hours from your antibiotic.

Here's to a happy and healthy new year!

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